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Diversity & Inclusion

Whether you are seeking to initiate work in this field or accelerate your current work, we have the experience to deliver. In doing so, we care not about providing you a theoretical or academic approach to this work, but something that will truly resonate and work throughout your organization.  This includes partnering with you to develop the business case and ROI for Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), specific to your organization.


Beyond the business case, we can deliver strategies, frameworks and tools for launching and/or accelerating a holistic Diversity & Inclusion approach, inclusive of:


  • Traditional D&I programs such as diversity education, diversity communications, and employee resource groups

  • More strategic programs integrated with Talent Management and Leadership Development

Diversity and Inclusion

Sample of Specific Services We Offer


Women’s Initiative Strategy and Implementation:  we partner with you to design, develop and support a powerful and effective Women’s Initiative, whether globally, regionally or domestically focused.


Multicultural Initiative Strategy and Implementation:  we support you in the design and development of efforts focused on increasing the representation and impact of multicultural employees across your operations.


Diversity Education: we provide both custom diversity education and, through our network, a few highly effective “packaged programs”.

Workplace Fairness Strategy and Implementation:  often overlooked in diversity and inclusion discussions, this work gets at what is often at the heart of employee issues existing within an organization, and proactively helps you manage risk.

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